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Crabs in a Bucket

There is an old story about crabs that says if you have a single crab in a bucket you need to put a lid on the bucket, otherwise, the crab will crawl out. However, if you have more than one crab in a bucket you don’t need a lid on the bucket to keep them in. It seems that if one crab gains momentum and is starting to make his way out of the bucket, the other crabs in the bucket will pull him back down and not let any of them escape. So matter how hard any of the crabs try, all the other crabs in the bucket will keep even one of them from escaping.

!Crabs in a Bucket

Funny thing about the crabs in the bucket story is how it often times applies to people as well. Usually, it is disguised as those close to you trying to ‘protect’ you. They say and do things that really aren’t in your best interest but are probably much more self-serving. In some cases, they truly don’t want to see you get hurt or to fail. But often times, there motive is much more selfish in that they don’t want to see you succeed and ‘leave them behind’.

What does this have to do with being a musician?

Well thank you for asking!

It means that you need to be aware. Be aware in the moment and of the situation when you are sharing with those close to you. Take note of the ‘advice’ you get from those close to you and see if there is a pattern that develops. If your best friend is constantly shooting down your ideas, dreams and goals, then perhaps you need to consider whether or not they are becoming a ‘crab in your bucket’. If they are, then you may want to scale back the advice you seek from this regarding this matter and seek counsel elsewhere.

Your closest friends and family should always have your best interest at heart, and this is what makes it tough. Because they are also the ones that are most likely to become ‘crabs in your bucket’ and keep you from even attempting anything new.

Note that this is not an invitation to throw caution to the wind. Rather it is a plea for you to be aware and to look for those people in your life that you can truly turn to with an important decision. Those that can provide guidance in the form of ‘protection’ if you really need it but who will otherwise encourage you to live life and attempt to chase your dreams.

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