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100 New Years Resolutions For the Proactive Musician

An ongoing list, until they get to 100, of ways proactive musicians are inspiring themselves, and possibly others, to have a successful year.

Here are a few that ‘jumped out’ to us:

8.) Attend at least one show a month of another band with a similar fan base to your own. Study the fans, Study the performance.

Be willing and humble enough to learn from others. Take the best of what others do and see if you can incorporate it into your own show.

32) Perform at one non-traditional venue every month to help you reach new potential fans.

Sometimes you have to go to where your potential fans are rather than hoping they will come to you.

46) Create a unique fan-participation aspect of your live show.

Make your live show an experience that your fans will want to tell others about.

Add your’s to the list at MicControl or share them with us and we will start a list here as well.

100 New Years Resolutions For the Proactive Musician via MicControl

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